Whistle Blowing System

As one of the Company's media to support and enforce good principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company then provides and implements a system in the form of a "Violation Reporting System" to create a clean and responsible work situation.

To simplify and speed up the follow-up process, reporting is accompanied by at least information:

  • Reporter identity (allowed to use anonymously)
  • Description of the violation
  • The Reported Party and other parties involved (if any) and their units
  • Unit of place of occurrence and time of occurrence
  • Supporting documents and other evidence (if any)

Reporting Facilities Through:

Mail To : Corporate Secretary
Address: Jl. Alaydrus 78C Petojo Utara, Gambir Jakarta 10130
Telephone : +6221 634 2275 (Corporate Secretary)
Email        : corsec@tamarin.co.id