Management Profile

PT Pelayaran Tamarin Samudra Tbk

Tamarin operates in the offshore oil and gas industry. We take pride in the mission of our company which is to consistently provide the best service and affordable prices to our clients and to have the highest standards of safety for society and the environment. We focus our services on our Accommodation Work Barge and its subsidiary which is the Anchor Handling Tug supply. Our top priority is in the Health, Safety and Environmental protocol and we work tirelessly to best serve our clients. Our services are wide ranged and include chartering, re-chartering, delivery of Accommodation Work Barge (AWB) & Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) transshipment.


Board of Directors

Kardja Rahardjo

President Director

Edi Purwanto


Board of Commissioners

Alwie Handoyo

President Commissioner

Alfatiha Baharnuradi

Independent Commissioner